OpenStack Networking with Midokura

Come and join the meetup if you are interested in OpenStack, Cloud Computing and/or truly functional network virtualization for OpenStack!

Date and Time: 7pm to 9pm on January 29th
Venue: CLBC event hall 2

19:00 - Doors Open  - Registration and check-in
19:25 - Welcome & Introductions 
19:30 - Session : Networking in OpenStack by Dan Mihai Dumitriu, CEO/CTO and co-founder, Midokura 
20:00 - Session : Kilo  look-ahead by Tom Fifield
20:30 - Live discussion on networking for Cloud followed by open discussion

21:00 - End

Food and drinks will be served!

Session Summary: 
Virtualizing the networking layer of the stack is the next big step in making the cloud data center more agile, dense and efficient. But, does SDN in OpenStack work?  OpenStack networking experts Midokura CEO Dan Dumitriu will show what networking options we have in the OpenStack ecosystem including Midokura's MidoNet as well as pros & cons of these solutions.  He will also present a SDN case study of a customer utilizing the award-winning MidoNet technology and wrap up the presentation by introducing how to be a part of MidoNet OSS community.

CLBC 大旗艦 展演廳 2 / 台北市松山區八德路四段123號3樓

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